Famous Tellings Of A Noble Sun

by The Endless Obsession

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released March 17, 2015

All tracks were written and recorded by The Endless Obsession.

The Endless Obsession is
Kage Krol - Bass, Vocals, & some Percussion
Chad Lacy - Guitars, Vocals, & some Keys
Ryan Petersavage - Drums, Percussion, & Delay Time

Additional Vocals and Harmonies on track three and six by Gabriella Abou-Zeid.
All Lyrics written by Kage Krol and Chad Lacy.
The Verse in track ten was written by Jamie Leer and we would like to thank her for allowing us to use it.

All Photographs taken 1980-84 by Kristin Petersavage.
Layout and Design by Ryan Petersavage.

Famous Tellings was recorded in Tucson, AZ during summer of 2014 over the course of one week. All recording, mixing, and mastering was done by the wonderful Luke Amble of Great White Studios.

Cassette tapes available through Ronald Records



all rights reserved


The Endless Obsession Tucson, Arizona

Three big boys from Tucson, Arizona trying to make progressive post-hardcore/metalcore music that doesn't suck.


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Track Name: Lunchtime at the Grand Canyon
They said put him up in this world of time
I said it’d be wonderful if it was all mine
Until the end
Let your happiness be your best friend

She threw me fiascoes of train sentences
Let them run me over and bask in the end
I know she’s a pain and so do they
Sadly swept off her feet and given to the rain
Track Name: El Dee
You can’t read his mind, only his words
All of your strengths are your weakness
To know the fool you must become one

Expose dementia prevent prevention
All sorts of things that aren’t yours
Let them be free.

All windows to mirrors

Suddenly abrupt clarity
Sweet talk to the charity
Pop the cherry
Track Name: Stairwells
Somebody staged the pattern
And I don’t know who
They tried to cut the rings from Saturn
And I was told it was you

And it’s so beautiful i want to know
Who would do such a thing
We’re only as evil as we feel
And no longer careful supreme beings

Stepped off
Nothing is sacred unless your will is free
We are no longer careful supreme beings
Try to catch yourself
But all you do is fall free
Track Name: Anti-Inspiration
I don’t think we’ll reach the shore
Of a place you’ve never been before
Of a place I’ve never been before
We won’t reach the shore

It’s time to find out what’s always on your mind
Cataclysm is near and it’s expecting all of your time

I’ll help you collapse to bring peace of mind
To the mind you will never find

I found something worth talking about
And only one thing worth being silent about
It’s time to find out what’s always on your mind
Cataclysm is near and it’s expecting all of your time
It’s over when it’s done

It’s endless forgiveness that leads to the grimace
Track Name: Race To Space
Slow up your breathing
Scream mad on the floor
And kick your weight to please those people
Don’t bother fixing
Your hair or your clothes
I say we run away and meet new people

What do you say we run away and we meet new people
Want to climb into the day and forget the steeple
Where do we go? What do we say? Want to forget we’re lost?

Just caught up in the moment and that’s the only cost

Change the way you change the way
To the race, the race to space

And you wonder where we’re going
And you won’t be here
Oh where do we go now?
Where do you go now?
We’re so behind
Until the space bear consumes us all

Walking on steam giving me the reason to breathe

Where do we go when the space bear consumes us all?
Track Name: Soundless Seasons
On another breath to silence
Easy there no one has to try it
Forward a downward say
Dawn on the future of today

Here is the spiral of reasons
To a lost fact of regular being

I’m watching the lateral lines right before me
Do you see these lines? They are bending
Walk into the hive, I was joking
Seeing all the lines, swaying, it burns

In a fluent escape
Stuck inside unforgettable doubts
If I knew where i was today
The soundless seasons wouldn’t make a sound
Track Name: Sisterhood
Still divine but don’t be afraid
When the foundation’s breaking
And your hands are shaking
Feeling fine but you’re so elated
As my breath is bated
and your conscience faded

You can hide alone in your substances
All of your crutches
Will not help that much in this
Cascading impulse through my body
Snap to the floor
The things that inhabit you
Reach out and grab at you
Make you up more than you know

I swear your very soul was parched and all of your fears were labelled from the start
And when you were free to absolution I heard you screaming in your head like an institution

I caught the wandering eye I followed it home
And it let me see everything
All the eye showed me was right
To make way for worries aside

Marvelous, It’s what it’s supposed to be
Walking on a buried palm tree free floating on your very disease
Creation means nothing to me, It just happens to mean everything
Of a thousand painted heroes, there is only one statue and that’s okay
Wrathful paintings steal the minds, the carefully tainted are drank away

They steal the minds and cause a commotion and fear our lives are bigger than oceans
Trade hands for knives and they’re finding notion to steal our lives
Still divine, through my body snaps to the floor, as i watch you stumble this way
You can hide alone in your substances all of your crutches will not help that much in this

Try to feel
To be alive
In such a small way
It leaves you wanting more from me
It will take a long way to find out

Take this way out
Make this way out
Track Name: Famous Tellings of a Noble Sun
Eyes open to darkness
Virgin to the depths around him
Voids were too endless
His obsession was too feeble
Pray to the god’s fury
Offerings will do him nothing
Space bear his commander
Following with no definition

I’m a sold man
With no recollection and no plan
Almost out of options to give
Forever a side-note on the will to live

Famous tellings of a noble sun
No matter how far the distance to run
Gone in an instant
Vanished forever
Breaking through never felt so much better

Traced and forgotten with a buried conscience
Into the eyes of a misled journey
Wasted time and energy in infinite
Possibility with nowhere to run

“I enter the void with false pretenses of ecstasy and bicycle rides
But I thought too fast and no one took from my head
The melodies screaming and wandering exploded from plateaus
Which were much too steep for me to climb
They resonated like fame and created such a familiar echo
The constant vacuous vile vibration complimented by chilling breezes
frequented through blank mirrors and infinite planes
With all posts intangible and ambiguous
The rocks peppered from the outside
The safest place to be was nestled within the porcelain”